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Photo Basel 2023

Stefano Pesce

Jun 13, 2023

Joseph Beuys and Gianfranco Chiavacci

Join Native Digital at Photo Basel, the premier art fair dedicated to photography in Switzerland! We're excited to be part of this renowned event, showcasing the innovative integration of our patented Smart Dust DNA technology within the realm of art.

Find us at Stand F1, Volkshaus Basel, Rebgasse 12-14, 4058 Basel, where we will be presenting a unique piece of work from 1979 by the iconic Joseph Beuys, titled "Mit dem Ende der Modernen Kunst fängt die Kunst erst an." This extraordinary artwork has been tokenized with our Smart Dust DNA, bestowing it with an unrepeatable digital identity that offers the guarantee of authenticity and secure provenance.

But that's not all. We're also thrilled to feature 10 vintage photographs from 1971 by Gianfranco Chiavacci, a pioneer in the integration of art and technology. Each of these masterpieces has been imbued with our Smart Dust DNA, offering new possibilities for collectorship and appreciation in the digital age.

Join us to explore these unique offerings and to discover more about how our Smart Dust DNA technology is revolutionizing the art world by bridging the gap between the physical and digital. We look forward to seeing you at Photo Basel!

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