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Add a touch of
digital magic
to your art

If you are an artist and want to create a unique, authenticated artwork with Native Digital Smart Dust DNA technology, follow these easy steps

Native Digital Smart Dust kit back
Native Digital Smart Dust kit front


Purchase a Smart Dust sachet for art on our website or from one of our authorized dealers. Each sachet contains a stiker with a unique QR code and a tape or a vial with 15 micro integrated circuits of Smart Dust DNA to disperse into the colors of your artwork.


Open the sachet and take out the vial/tape of smart dust and the stiker. Do not lose these items, they are essential for the authentication of your painting.

Native Digital Smart Dust kit unboxing
Smart Dust kit content


Open the tape or the vial and pour the smart powder onto a sheet of paper and stick the label on the back of the canvas you are going to use.


Prepare the base of the canvas and randomly pour the smart dust on it, gently adhering it with a brush.

The Smart Dust dispersed within the paint substrate on a canvas


Paint your artwork. The smart dust is covered by the colors, remaining essentially invisible to the naked eye and not affecting the quality of the colors.


When the painting is dry, scan the QR code on the label with your smartphone. You will be prompted to log into the Native Digital marketplace corresponding to the NFT of your painting. If you do not already have an account, you can create one in a few minutes.


Take a picture of your painting and upload it to the marketplace. Enter the title, description, and materials used for your painting. You can also add other information such as size, year, price, and terms of sale. Click on "Create NFT" and wait a few seconds. Our system will verify the authenticity of your painting using the Smart Dust DNA technology and create the corresponding NFT in your wallet.

Congratulations, you have just created a unique and certified artwork Native Digital!


You can now show, sell or collect your painting with the confidence of having a tamper-proof link between the physical artwork and its digital twin. You can also interact with other artists and collectors on our marketplace and discover the endless possibilities offered by Smart Dust DNA technology.


If you need assistance or have questions about our product, please contact us via our website or social channels. We are always happy to help you and receive your feedback.

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