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Unleashing Potential
Smart Dust DNA Technology Across Industries

General Overview

Native Digital's patented Smart Dust DNA technology revolutionizes the way we authenticate and identify physical products. Comprising a random distribution of micro-RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) integrated circuits, each unit has a unique and irreplaceable correlation with the rest. The Smart Dust is completely passive, robust, waterproof, and resistant to harsh chemicals, withstanding a wide temperature, pressure and acceleration range.

The positional relationships between the Smart Dust components generate a distinct fingerprint, encrypted and stored within each component. This fingerprint, known as the Smart Dust DNA, is a distributed memory system incorporating an error correction protocol, ensuring data consistency even with partial component loss.


Main verticals

Smart Dust isn’t simply an advanced anti-counterfeiting solution; it’s a distributed memory that stores relevant information. It goes beyond being a fault-tolerant traceability system; it extends the blockchain into the physical world. The Smart Dust is commercially available in several forms (e.g. reel, vial, label, paper, canvas) and can be integrated in overmolding processes.

Whether it's creating an immutable bond between an artist and their creation in the art world, safeguarding the uniqueness of luxury fashion items, enhancing the fan experience in sports and entertainment, ensuring safety and authenticity in the pharmaceutical industry, or tracking and tracing our food sources, Smart Dust DNA technology is creating new ways to secure, authenticate, and interact with the world around us.

In addition, the technology's robustness even under extreme conditions makes it ideal for use in various industrial applications, including waste tracking and product verification. In the insurance sector, the unclonable digital DNA assures assets, helping insurers significantly reduce fraud risk.

This document will delve into these diverse applications of Smart Dust DNA technology, revealing how it is poised to reshape industries, empower consumers and creators, and inspire innovation across sectors. Welcome to the era of natively digital products, where everything has its unique, indelible digital identity.

Arts Native Digital's Smart Dust DNA has wide-ranging applications in the arts, creating a secure and verifiable link between physical works and their digital counterparts. Here are some potential verticals and applications: 1.Paintings and Drawings: Smart Dust DNA can be mixed into paint or drawing materials, or applied directly to artworks, effectively embedding a unique digital identity within the piece. 2.Sculpture and Installations: For three-dimensional works, Smart Dust can be incorporated into materials during creation or applied post-production, ensuring the unique identity and provenance of complex artworks. 3.Photography: Smart Dust can be incorporated into photographic prints or applied to them after printing, providing a secure way to link physical prints to their digital equivalents. 4.Digital Art: For artworks created digitally, Smart Dust can be incorporated into physical tokens or prints representing the digital work, tying the digital artwork to a physical object that can be traded and collected. 5.Artifacts and Antiques: Smart Dust can be used to identify and authenticate valuable historical objects and artworks, assisting in the fight against forgery and theft. 6.Fractional Ownership: By dividing a piece of art into smaller, identifiable sections, Smart Dust allows for the concept of fractional ownership, wherein each part-owner owns a physical piece of the artwork. 7.Exhibition Tracking: Smart Dust can be used to monitor the location and movements of artworks within galleries and museums, providing real-time tracking for exhibitions. 8.Art Restoration and Conservation: The use of Smart Dust can aid in the conservation and restoration of artworks, allowing for accurate tracking of materials used and changes made over time. 9.Art Education: Through augmented reality interfaces, Smart Dust can provide an interactive learning experience, giving insight into an artwork's history, technique, and critical interpretation. 10.Art Insurance: With Smart Dust, insurers can accurately verify the authenticity of insured pieces, reducing the risk of fraud.

Fashion The unique characteristics of Native Digital's Smart Dust DNA open a multitude of potential verticals and applications within the fashion industry. By embedding each piece with its own unreplicable digital identity, fashion items can be authenticated, traced, and interacted with in new and innovative ways. Here are some potential applications: 1.Accessories: Bags, belts, scarves, and other accessories can be enhanced with Smart Dust DNA, verifying their authenticity and providing customers with a unique, traceable product. 2.Eyewear: Sunglasses and prescription glasses can be embedded with Smart Dust, providing an additional layer of security and traceability. 3.Footwear: From sneakers to high heels, Smart Dust can be applied to footwear, ensuring authenticity, traceability, and the possibility for interactive features. 4.Made-to-Measure: For custom pieces, Smart Dust can offer customers a unique interactive experience, detailing the creation process and showcasing the craftsmanship behind their personalized item. 5.Watches: High-end watches can be imbued with Smart Dust, helping to guarantee authenticity and fight against the prevalent issue of counterfeit luxury watches. 6.Jewelry: Smart Dust can be applied to precious metals and gemstones, ensuring the authenticity of high-value items and providing a robust line of defense against theft and forgery. 7.Ready-to-Wear: In the mass market, Smart Dust can provide an innovative solution for tracking items throughout the supply chain, ensuring ethical sourcing and manufacturing processes. 8.Haute Couture: In the world of high fashion, Smart Dust can protect the exclusivity of haute couture creations while offering a unique, interactive experience to the wearer. 9.Sustainable Fashion: By tracking materials and manufacturing processes, Smart Dust can support sustainability efforts, ensuring ethical and environmentally friendly practices in the fashion industry. 10.Fashion Education: Through augmented reality interfaces, Smart Dust can provide an interactive learning experience, providing insights into the fashion's history, technique, and interpretation.

Sports Native Digital's Smart Dust DNA presents a wide range of potential applications within the sports and entertainment industry. By providing each item with a unique, unreplicable digital identity, the authenticity and provenance of sports and entertainment memorabilia, merchandise, and collections can be assured, while offering fans new ways to engage with their favorite teams, athletes, and events. Here are some potential applications: 1.Sports Memorabilia: Smart Dust DNA can be integrated into sports memorabilia like signed jerseys, balls, or cards, providing indisputable proof of authenticity and provenance. 2.Merchandise: From team shirts to event souvenirs, Smart Dust can ensure the authenticity of official merchandise and protect against counterfeits, while potentially offering fans interactive experiences, such as AR-enabled content related to their purchased items. 3.Collectibles: Whether it's sports cards, action figures, or other collectible items, Smart Dust DNA can provide verifiable proof of authenticity and help track an item's history and ownership. 4.eSports: Smart Dust DNA can be embedded into physical eSports peripherals, like keyboards, mice, or even game discs, providing a unique layer of interactivity and traceability. 5.Event Tickets: Smart Dust can be incorporated into physical tickets or wristbands for sporting events or concerts, creating a memorable souvenir that offers unique digital experiences related to the event. 6.Athletic Equipment: From footballs to tennis racquets, Smart Dust can track and authenticate sports equipment, potentially helping to prevent tampering or misuse. 7.Sports Arenas and Stadiums: Smart Dust DNA can be embedded into seats, plaques, or other components of sports arenas and stadiums, creating a unique digital interaction for fans and visitors. 8.Sports and Fitness Gear: In the world of sports and fitness, Smart Dust DNA can ensure the authenticity of branded gear like running shoes, fitness trackers, and workout apparel, providing a unique value proposition for consumers. 9.Fan Experiences: With augmented reality and interactive elements, Smart Dust DNA can transform fan experiences, offering unique insights, histories, and multimedia content linked to physical items.

Pharma Native Digital's Smart Dust DNA technology can significantly improve the pharmaceutical industry's ability to ensure product integrity, facilitate traceability, and personalize medications. Here are potential verticals and applications: 1.Anti-Counterfeiting: By imbuing pharmaceutical products with a unique Smart Dust DNA, manufacturers can guard against counterfeiting, which is a significant issue in the pharmaceutical industry. Patients and providers could verify the authenticity of products via a secure app or platform. 2.Traceability: From manufacturing to patient administration, Smart Dust can track a product's journey. This enhanced visibility can optimize supply chain management, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and quickly identify issues in the event of a recall. 3.Personalized Drugs: Smart Dust could be used to tag personalized drugs, ensuring that the correct medication gets to the right patient. It could also be used to record each step of a drug's creation for detailed traceability. 4.Biological Samples Identification: Smart Dust can be used for reliable identification and tracking of biological samples in research or clinical settings. It can ensure the correct labeling and management of such samples, reducing errors to zero. 5.Drug Combination Identification: In scenarios where a patient is taking multiple drugs, Smart Dust can be used to ensure that the correct combination of drugs is being administered. 6.Non-Active Implants: Smart Dust can be used to enhance the identification of simple, small non-active implants, providing clear traceability and reducing the risk of errors during surgical procedures. 7.Homecare Drug Delivery Systems: For pre-filled injectable or inhalable drug delivery systems used in homecare settings, Smart Dust can provide a way of tracking usage and ensuring the drug is administered correctly. 8.Pharmacovigilance: The technology can record and store individual drug doses administered in electronic health records, allowing for retrospective inspection or investigation in case of pharmacovigilance reports.

Food The unique capabilities of Native Digital's Smart Dust DNA can be applied to a broad range of contexts within the food industry, addressing issues of traceability, authenticity, safety, and quality. Here are potential verticals and applications: Anti-Counterfeiting: By assigning a unique digital fingerprint to food products or packaging, Smart Dust DNA can effectively deter counterfeiting and protect brand integrity. Consumers can verify product authenticity through a secured platform. Traceability: Implementing Smart Dust DNA technology across the supply chain allows for accurate tracking of food products from farm to table. This visibility facilitates swift responses to any issues that might arise, including recalls. Quality Assurance: Smart Dust DNA can be used to guarantee the quality of food products, offering a way to ensure and demonstrate that products meet specific standards, such as organic, gluten-free, or fair-trade certification. Food Safety: In case of a foodborne disease outbreak, the enhanced traceability provided by Smart Dust DNA can assist in quickly identifying the source and reducing the spread of contamination. Sustainability: The technology can be used to track and demonstrate sustainable practices, such as responsible fishing or environmentally friendly farming, thereby meeting the growing consumer demand for sustainability in the food industry. Ingredient Verification: For consumers with dietary restrictions or preferences, Smart Dust DNA could also be used to verify that a product is free of certain ingredients, like allergens or animal-derived substances. Luxury and Gourmet Products: High-value food and beverage products, such as fine wines, spirits, or gourmet foods, can benefit from Smart Dust DNA. The technology can help prove their authenticity and protect against fraudulent copies. Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): These labels provide a form of intellectual property protection for food products of a specific geographical origin. Smart Dust DNA can assist in enforcing these protections, ensuring that products claiming a specific origin genuinely come from that region. Smart Packaging: By integrating Smart Dust DNA technology, we're transforming ordinary food packaging into 'smart packaging'. This innovative packaging not only interacts with consumers by providing detailed information about the product, its origin, ingredients, and more, but it can also communicate with smart appliances. By doing so, it enables automatic setting of optimal storage conditions or cooking parameters, further enhancing the convenience and quality of food preparation.

Industry Native Digital's Smart Dust DNA is poised to revolutionize the sector through a myriad of applications, ensuring that industrial processes are transparent, traceable, and inherently digital. From thwarting counterfeiting attempts to promoting green manufacturing and establishing smart factories, the Smart Dust DNA technology is set to redefine industry standards and bring unprecedented benefits to manufacturers and consumers alike. Here are some of the potential applications for Smart Dust DNA in the industry: Counterfeit Prevention: The Smart Dust DNA technology can be integrated into various industrial products, including plastic overmolded goods, to offer advanced anti-counterfeiting measures. This ensures the authenticity and integrity of products, with an unremovable digital DNA, safeguarding both manufacturers and consumers. Supply Chain Transparency: Smart Dust DNA technology can be used to track and trace raw materials, components, and finished products throughout the supply chain, providing complete transparency and enhancing operational efficiency. Quality Assurance: Smart Dust DNA can be embedded in industrial components or machinery for monitoring and assurance of quality and safety standards. It can aid in preventative maintenance, identifying potential issues before they become problems. Asset Management: Industrial assets tagged with Smart Dust DNA can be effectively tracked and managed, minimizing the risk of loss or theft. Smart Manufacturing: Integration of Smart Dust DNA technology in manufacturing processes can facilitate Industry 4.0 initiatives, enhancing automation, connectivity, and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Waste Tracking: Implementing Smart Dust DNA in waste management systems provides accurate tracking of waste materials. This supports responsible disposal and recycling, facilitating a more sustainable industry practice. Green Manufacturing: By integrating Smart Dust DNA into manufacturing processes, companies can ensure sustainable practices, contributing to a circular economy. Product Lifecycle Management: Smart Dust DNA allows for tracking of a product throughout its entire lifecycle - from raw materials to end-of-life disposal - facilitating sustainable and efficient product lifecycle management.

Insurance The insurance sector, a cornerstone of financial stability, is perpetually in pursuit of technologies that can minimize risk and streamline processes. The Smart Dust DNA from Native Digital provides such a tool. Its indelible and uncloneable digital fingerprints offer a level of security that is unparalleled in traditional methods. By curtailing fraud and enhancing traceability, Smart Dust DNA can fundamentally alter the way insurance works, fostering increased trust and reduced costs. Here are some potential applications of Smart Dust DNA within the insurance industry: Art Insurance: Insuring artworks becomes more secure when each piece carries its unique Smart Dust DNA. The ability to indisputably identify an artwork mitigates the risk of fraudulent claims and disputes about authenticity or ownership. Luxury Goods Insurance: Luxury items, from high-end fashion to exclusive watches, can be authenticated and their ownership traced, significantly decreasing the risk of insurance fraud. Asset Verification: Smart Dust DNA can be used to confirm the authenticity and condition of any insured item, from vehicles to real estate, ensuring accurate valuation and underwriting. Supply Chain Insurance: Insurers offering coverage for goods in transit can take advantage of the superior traceability offered by items tagged with Smart Dust DNA, reducing the risk of fraud and disagreements. Disaster Verification: Thanks to the high-temperature survival capability of Smart Dust DNA, insurance companies can authenticate and trace items even after severe incidents like fires. This allows for more accurate claim processing and fraud prevention in disaster insurance scenarios. Life Insurance: On a broader note, Smart Dust DNA could have applications in life insurance as well, potentially being used for authentication and traceability in medical procedures or drug delivery, thus lowering risk factors in healthcare.

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