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Where do you see the future of Native Digital?

I see the Native Digital Smart Dust almost everywhere, inside my sneakers, my t-shirt, my watch, inside my dentures, in the blister of my medicines, inside the different parts of my car, inside the concrete of my house. Any product of our daily life needs its own digital DNA, in which its history is written, which makes it impossible to counterfeit.

I wish I no longer heard on the news that a building collapsed because of too much sand in the cement mix. The World Health Organization says one in ten drugs sold worldwide is a fake. In some countries, this figure can be as high as seven out of ten drugs, particularly in Africa, where 100,000 people die each year from the use of counterfeit drugs.

This solution makes it possible to make any serial product unique, prevents its counterfeiting, prevents its alteration and therefore introduces a level of guarantee that is unprecedented in human history.

Where do you see the future of Native Digital?
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