The Team


Native Digital technology will have the same disruptive effect in the physical world that blockchain technology has had in the digital one and will create a secure bridge between the two.

Andrea Biondi

CEO, Scientific Officer, Founder

MD in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Technical Physics, former lecturer of Technical Physics, inventor and serial entrepreneur, expert in the conception, development and coordination of complex multidisciplinary R&D projects, up to the industrial development of a working solution. He has 25+ years of experience, coordinating international projects and developing patents, products and solutions in medical, industrial and military fields.

All the complex technological systems that we create represent a challenge for the team, which must make them functional, ergonomic, simple and robust.

Marco Baruzzi

Chief Technical Officer

MD in Electronic Engineering with 20+ years of experience in the design and programming of microelectronic systems, knowledge of 10+ programming languages, development of dedicated web services and complex cloud databases, as well as an extensive experience in designing with three-dimensional solid modeling tools.


The ultimate resource in economic development is people. It is people, not capital or raw materials that develop an economy.

Ezio Pignata

Chief Financial Officer

C-suite senior executive with 25+ years experience in leading large global business in various industries such as oil&gas, engineering, automation and technology where he acquired significant experience in M&A, business development, management and restructuring. He is also advisor to trusted single family offices in the field of direct investments.

The art market will shift more and more towards virtual viewing and virtual selling but there will be another way to organize exhibition openings and art fairs.

Stefano Pesce

Business Development for the Art sector

Extended 20+ years experience in the exhibition sector from the Berlin Contemporary Art Gallery through marble and bronze sculpture to get to exhibitions by Salvador Dali and Chagall with a turnout of 180,000 admissions to the exhibition presented in Belgium in the 2016. Expertise in production, development and management of modern art exhibitions, management and development of multimedia exhibitions, collections management, collections archive, social marketing.


We have a vision, a strategy and a large network to monetize the Internet and to create long-lasting happy partnerships.

Kilian Sevilla Sulé

New Businesses and Strategy

Marketing and Strategy with 18+ years of experience in working with several international brands like Leo Messi, UEFA, Pepsi, Nike. Into crypto - blockchain space since 2017 as investor and advisor of DeFi and NFT projects. Serial entrepreneur with management experience and background in strategy and building new business models.

Communicating is part of our DNA because it basically means 'pooling', sharing, considering that man is a social animal. If it is true that we must know how to send the correct message, it is also true that we must do it in the best possible way, that is, giving our message the best possible chance to arrive, be understood and be heard.

Elisa Giulia Araldi

Communication and Media Manager

Strategic consultant specialized in Business Promotion, Communication, Marketing, Public Relations and Digital Innovation. "Change maker" for passion and perception of new economic trends and their application to new media and the current concept of digital marketing. Extensive experience in corporate communication, analytical support, coordination of business development projects on emerging markets, international relations.


Smart packaging is the future and NFTs are the key to enabling tangible connections between digital and real-life experiences.

Luca Lanfranchi

Mechanical Project Engineer

Mechanical project engineer with extensive experience in the conception of innovative solutions in industrial automation processes and in their implementation with advanced three-dimensional mechanical design tools. Member of a large automation network in the pharmaceutical, food and fashion sectors. Crypto enthusiast, member of a wide NFT network.

Quantum teleportation and quantum cryptography represent the natural evolution of the Internet and the Blockchain.

Davide Biondi and Miguel Casanovas

Native Digital Evangelists

Native Digital inside, they participated from the early stages of the system's conception. Cryptos and NFT enthusiast, good international network in the crypto community, good technical know-how and knowledge of the market trends, with interests ranging from macroeconomics to quantum physics.


The only way to control chaos and complexity is to give up some of that control.

Francesco Vulcano

Full Stack Developer

Development of decentralized applications and smart contracts on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and Binance Smart Chains. Full stack development of sites and interfaces that interact with the smart contract on the blockchain. Project management. C/C++, C#, Java, Python, Solidity, web3.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS, Node.JS, Express.JS, PHP, SQL, MongoDB.


With Biondi Engineering SA, we have dedicated the last 10 years to develop an ecosystem of solutions to make a fundamental sector for humanity more efficient and sustainable: the production of food. At a time when the cost of energy and raw materials is growing beyond all expectations due to the geopolitical events that we all know, farms are increasingly struggling to survive.
Our goal is to make large production activities related to the protein industry (i.e. milk and meat production) more sustainable from an environmental point of view, more efficient from a management and economic point of view and at the same time increasing the animal welfare.

It is precisely from these researches in the field of large food productions that the idea of micro-RFID was born for the electronic traceability of bovine semen straws preserved in cryogenesis (nearly -200°C), currently used all over the world for the assisted reproduction of animals.

In the following video a presentation of the Microstraw ecosystem, where our micro-RFID is already used at industrial level for the electronic traceability in the frozen semen supply chain. Biontrace AG is a spin-off of Biondi Engineering SA dedicated to the production and worldwide commercial promotion of the Microstraw ecosystem.