"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Native Digital DNA


The patented Native Digital technology guarantees an indissoluble link between physical creations and their counterpart in the metaverse through a radio frequency smart dust randomly dispersed inside the product. Just as every cell in our body contains our DNA, so every grain of our smart dust contains its encrypted digital fingerprint, which cannot be separated from the product itself.

Native Digital is the only technology able to incorporate a true natively digital DNA into any product, immutable over time, counterfeit-proof, natively linked to its NFT counterpart in the blockchain.


Smart Dust

The Native Digital Smart Dust is composed of grains with a surface of about 1 mm square and a thickness of about 0.5 mm. It can be easily dispersed in the colors used by an artist to create an artwork. At a later time the canvas can be scanned with a Native Digital Scanner to extract its unique and unrepeatable Native Digital DNA, which is recorded in a specific NFT uniquely linked to the artwork.

Smart Dust Label

The Native Digital Smart Label integrates within itself a dispersion of Native Digital Smart Dust. During the production phase, its unique and unrepeatable Native Digital DNA is generated and recorded in a specific NFT uniquely linked to the label. The user can apply the label to the product he wants to authenticate and tokenize or physicalize, such as on the back of a canvas, on the cover of a magazine, on photographic paper, on fabric, on wood and even on stone. The composition of the adhesives is specific to bond to the substrate in a non-removable way.


Industrial Applications


The Native Digital Smart Dust has an extremely wide temperature range, so it can be overmolded in the shoe outsole, in a plastic watch case or in the fusing interlinings integrated in the cuffs and collars of shirts. During the manufacturing process the Native Digital DNA is acquired and the related NFT is minted. The end user will scan the Native Digital QR code with his smartphone to transfer the NFT to his wallet.