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Welcome to Native Digital
the world's first and only
on-chain authentication solution of physical assets based on 
RFID Smart Dust DNA

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Native Digital Smart Dust

Our cutting-edge technology is based on a random dispersion of micro transponders, each of which has a surface of about 1 mm square and a thickness of less than 0.5 mm.


We use the unique IDs of these particles, their topological relations and their energy signature to create a one-of-a-kind super-code embeddable into physical objects.


Smart Dust application in a painting

The digital DNA is encrypted into the memory of each smart dust element and its hash code is written in the NFT of the product in the blockchain, creating a tamper-proof and unbreakable link between the physical product and its digital twin.


Smart Dust Label
Smart Dust inside a sneaker
Smart Dust inside a watch

Smart dust doesn't have a SPOF (single point of failure) and can withstand up to 30% loss of its components. It doesn't change over time, has an IP69K degree of protection, withstands a temperature range from -200°C to +300°C and a pressure up to 1500 bar.

Don't settle for weak and easily replicable solutions based on a single NFC label. Upgrade to Native Digital's patented Smart Dust DNA solution and take your product to the next level.

Native Digital for Circular Economy

Through the Digital DNA a product maintains its value as it will always be possible to demonstrate its origins, its history, its authenticity. This extends the life of a product in the secod hand market and is therefore a powerful enabler of the circular economy.
Even at the end of its life, this product will be able to communicate through its DNA to the recovery and disposal processes the actions to be taken to reduce its environmental impact to zero.


No smiling faces,
no bright colors,
no catchphrases,
no bait and switch.

Just a strong and reliable solution.

Try the difference!

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